When God Disappears

Find hope, challenge, and inspiration through Jesus’s passion to restore

Finding Hope When Your Circumstances Seem Impossible

What happens when the storm does not pass? When the pain does not stop? When the same mistakes break the same hearts again and again? Find hope, challenge, and inspiration through Jesus’s passion to restore the un-restorable through six encounters with individuals in scripture who believed they were too far-gone. As a hemophiliac who lives with HIV and hepatitis-C, Stanford deeply and personally connects his own story with these appointments with Jesus.

About the Author

Dr. Shane Stanford

Dr. Shane Stanford is the founder and CEO of The Moore-West Center for Applied Theology, as well as the president of JourneyWise, The Moore-West Center’s faith-based media network. Previous to that, he served as a pastor and church planter for more than thirty years. Most recently, he was the sixth senior minister of Christ United Methodist Church in Memphis, TN. He also served as host of The United Methodist Hour, a television and radio ministry reaching more than thirty million homes nationwide.

Stanford was awarded an honorary doctorate in divinity from Asbury Seminary in 2014. He also holds a Master of Divinity degree in theology and ethics from Duke University Divinity School, where he won the prestigious Jameson Jones Award in homiletics.

He has traveled extensively, sharing his personal testimony as an HIV- and hepatitis C-positive hemophiliac, husband, father, and pastor. Stanford has appeared on several media outlets, including Good Morning America, Fox & Friends, CNN, and Canada’s Harvest TV.

An accomplished author, he has written numerous books, including Cure for the Chronic Life (with Deanna Favre); A Positive Life; When God Disappears; Making Life Matter; Five Stones: Conquering Your Giants (with R. Brad Martin); Mosaic: When God Uses All the Pieces; and What the Prayers of Jesus Tell Us About the Heart of God.

He is married to his high-school sweetheart, Dr. Pokey Stanford, and they have three daughters and two sons-in-law.