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This Journey?

This path is for all of us, finding ourselves along The Way.

About JourneyWise
Dr. Shane Stanford
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Dr. Shane Stanford
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Our Mission

JourneyWise aims to equip people on the journey of life to love Jesus and to love like Jesus along the Way.


A Friend for the Journey

JourneyWise began as the passion project of Rev. Shane Stanford, a Methodist minister and author, and Dr. Ronnie Kent, a board-certified pediatrician and behavioral health specialist. These men, whose Christ-centered friendship and fellowship began nearly 40 years ago, wanted to create a platform that allowed leading Christian thinkers, teachers, pastors, and content creators to share insights that help people find their identity in Christ.

Our faith-based content network has enabled us to use the gifts God has given us to help people from all walks of life sit at the feet of Jesus and receive life from his Word. Further, it has transformed a friendship into a force for Christ and His kingdom.

“The Bible tells us that life is a journey, and that union with Christ is the destination. JourneyWise aims to point people to Christ by helping them make every step matter as they love Jesus and love like Jesus along the Way.”

– Reverend Shane Stanford
JourneyWise is part of the

Moore-West Center for Applied Theology

The Moore-West Center aims to train laity in biblical literacy, theological dialog, apologetics and critical thinking, and in serving through applied theology.

The JourneyWise Team

The JW Team

Meet the JourneyWise team of pastors, educators, doctors, therapists, theological experts, and fellow believers.

Dr. Shane Stanford

President / CEO

Dr. Ronnie Kent

Executive Vice President of Faith and Wellness & Special Projects

Dr. Pokey Stanford

Vice President / Dean of The Servant School Channel & Courses

Nicolet Bell

Executive Vice President / Chief Operations Officer

Dr. Chip MacGregor

Executive Vice President of Resource Development, Publisher

Michelle Hopson

Director of Development

Anthony Thaxton


Dr. Ray Cummings

Director of Proximity Consulting & Coaching

Dr. James Kent

Director of No Whispers Initiative

Ann Lowery

Director of Sales/Executive Assistant to the CEO

Steve Casteel

Director of Church & Community Relations

Servant School Scholars

Dr. Bryan Collier


Dr. Ronnie Kent

Executive Vice President of Faith and Wellness & Special Projects

Dr. Kim Reisman

Spiritual Formation

Dr. Phil Tallon

Theology & Apologetics

Dr. David Watson

Biblical Studies

Dr. Pokey Stanford

Vice President/Dean of The Servant School Channel & Courses

Dr. Sonny Davis

Applied Theology

Dr. Kevin M. Watson

Director of Academic Growth & Formation at Asbury Theological Seminary

Dr. Cynthia Davis


Board of Directors

Jack Moore


Betty Moore

Dr. Bill West

Carole West

Dr. Maxie Dunnam

Dr. Cynthia Davis

Our Partners