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The mission of Journeywise has always been clear: Help people love Jesus, and love like Jesus. By offering classes that explore topics like Bible study, the life of Christ, and practical ways of caring for others and sharing our faith, we are giving people tools to help them grow. Each course is done through a collection of short (usually 8 to 12 minute) sessions, taught by recognized experts in the field. The courses are developmental — that is, the first sessions lay a foundation for those that come later — and they can be completed by an individual or by a small group or classroom of people. Each course has a book or handbook that is available to provide a more complete study of the topic, and the entire Servant School catalog of courses is available to watch at home on your computer, or at church on a big screen. 

Course Catalog


With Shane Stanford


With Kimberly Reisman

Lead Like Jesus

With Bryan Collier

Real Methodism

With Kevin M. Watson

Bible Basics

With David Watson

Faith & Wellness

With Ronnie Kent

Choosing Cheer

With Nicolet Bell


With Dr. Pokey Stanford


With Ray Cummings

Rest Stops

The Gospel in the Art Gallery

With Phil Tallon 

How Do I Know It’s True

With Shane Stanford 

Conversations with God

With Cynthia Davis 

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