Life Along the Way

What would it have looked like and felt like to walk daily with Jesus during His time on earth, sharing in what He experienced and taught? And how does His life have significance for our own lives today? We can answer these questions by following in His footsteps-each step of the way.

Experiencing the Significance of the Journey

In any journey, the destination is important, but just as significant is the life we experience as we travel that path. Jesus’ journey was similar. Who He traveled with, where He went, and what He experienced along the way were all important to Him. He’s still on His journey, and He has invited you to join Him on it.

The Life Along the Way devotional series takes you through the life of Jesus by way of all four Gospels and the first chapter of Acts. In four 90-day devotionals, you can travel with Jesus for a full year if you wish—from His birth, to His ministry and miracles, to His relationships with the people around Him, to His death, resurrection, and ascension. The four devotionals in the journey can be read either sequentially or in any order.

These devotionals are designed so that each day:

  • Scripture will be life-transforming
  • “Life Lessons from Jesus” will be dynamic and relevant
  • Questions will be reflective and self-exploring, leading to spiritual growth
  • Prayer will be authentic and relational
  • You will learn to love Jesus and love like Jesus.

Jesus With Us

Available Now!

Meeting Him Where He Began

In Jesus With Us, you will stop at important early places along Jesus’s path, including His birth, the fulfillment of the promises of His coming, the plot to kill the Christ Child, Jesus’s youth, the beginning of His ministry, the calling of His first followers, and His famous Sermon on the Mount.

Jesus Among Us

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Walking with Him in His Ministry and Miracles

In Jesus Among Us, you will travel with Jesus as He clarifies His true mission to John the Baptist, teaches vivid parables about the kingdom of God, feeds the 5000, heals the sick, gives His disciples authority over disease and Satan, and ministers to people’s needs in a variety of settings, from the Sea of Galilee to the temple in Jerusalem.

Jesus Through Us

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Following His Example in Love and Service

In Jesus Through Us, you will be an eyewitness as Jesus multiplies His ministry by sending out His disciples, challenges His followers to serve God and others wholeheartedly, heals lepers, raises Lazarus from the dead, faces plots against His life, and rides triumphantly as King into Jerusalem, where He speaks of the resurrection of believers just before His own death and resurrection.

Jesus in Us

Available September 2024!

Living Wholeheartedly the Life He Intends

In Jesus in Us, you will follow Jesus as He celebrates the Last Supper, is falsely condemned to death, suffers the agony of crucifixion, is gloriously raised from the dead, and ascends to heaven with the promise of empowering us by His Spirit, who will live within us and enable us continue Jesus’s ministry on earth.

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Series Contributors

Dr. Shane Stanford

Dr. Shane Stanford is the founder and CEO of The Moore-West Center for Applied Theology, as well as the president of JourneyWise, The Moore-West Center’s faith-based media network. Along with pastoring congregations in Florida, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Tennessee for more than thirty years, Shane served as host of The Methodist Hour on TV and radio, reaching more than thirty million homes nationwide. He was awarded an honorary doctorate in divinity from Asbury Seminary, and he holds a master of divinity degree in theology and ethics from Duke University Divinity School. As an HIV-positive hemophiliac, he has spoken nationwide about AIDS awareness, including on CNN, Good Morning America, and Fox News. He and his wife, Pokey, have three daughters and live near Memphis.

Dr. Ronnie Kent

Dr. Ronnie Kent recently retired after a forty-one-year practice as a medical doctor in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He is a graduate of the University of Mississippi and the UM School of Medicine, has been teaching Bible classes in churches for decades, and is the father of three and grandfather of ten. He and his wife, Anne, have been married for forty-four years.

Dr. Ray Cummings

Dr. Ray Cummings has been pastoring churches for more than thirty years. A graduate of William Carey College and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, he has a doctorate in ministry with a specialization in church growth and evangelism, and he is the coauthor of The 41 Series devotionals. He and his wife, Amanda, have four children and live in Purvis, Mississippi.

Anthony Thaxton

Anthony Thaxton is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, television producer, and painter. He directed the acclaimed documentary Walter Anderson: The Extraordinary Life and Art of the Islander, directed projects with Morgan Freeman and Dolly Parton, and is the producer of Palate to Palette on public television. His photography has been featured on Good Morning America, CNN, and Fox & Friends, and his vibrant watercolors have been featured in books and on numerous television programs. He and his wife, Amy, live in Raymond, Mississippi.

Keelin MacGregor

Keelin MacGregor is a collaborative writer, editor, and avid circus artist based in the Pacific Northwest. Coauthor of Amazon #1 new release Jane Doe #9: A “Surviving R. Kelly” Victim Speaks Out, covering abuse victim Lizzette Martinez, her next collaborative work, The Deadly Path to Operation Fast and Furious, will be coming out in spring 2024 with government whistleblower and former ATF agent Pete Forcelli.