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June 1, 2023
Press Release

New JourneyWise Ministry Helps Christians “Love Jesus and Love Like Jesus”
Coming Fall 2023: JourneyWise Trade Book & Life Along the Way Devotional

Memphis, TN, (May 24, 2023) — JourneyWise, a multimedia network dedicated to helping people “Love Jesus and Love Like Jesus,” will launch its first two books this fall with publishing partner Whitaker House. Releasing this September is JourneyWise: Redeeming the Broken & Winding Roads We Travel, authored by Dr. Shane Stanford, President/CEO of the Moore-West Center for Applied Theology and JourneyWise. In October, a four-volume daily devotional series, Life Along the Way, will launch volume one, Jesus with Us: Meeting Him Where He Began, with the next three volumes set to publish in 2024.

JourneyWise: Redeeming the Broken & Winding Roads We Travel is penned by pastor and author Dr. Shane Stanford, who has endured a long road of suffering. His life was forever impacted as a teenage hemophiliac when he contracted HIV and hepatitis from a blood transfusion. Stanford’s journey as a Christian and pastor has been marked by serious illnesses, personal betrayal, and early church rejection. And yet, as he enters his 32nd year of ministry and his first year leading JourneyWise, Stanford is experiencing a renewal of both joy and faith. He brings this fresh encounter to the pages of his new book.

Shane Stanford was introduced to the JourneyWise concept as a young boy, when his grandmother encouraged him to be “JourneyWise.” She taught him the value of discovering and applying wisdom during every season of life. Shane writes: “My grandmother always said that the best kind of wisdom was the wisdom you learned on the road of life. Wisdom gleaned from the steps you took along the way could change you. Grow you.”

As a lifelong student of the Bible, Shane Stanford recognized his grandmother’s wisdom reflected in Jesus’ most famous discourse, known as the Beatitudes. And Stanford’s new book, JourneyWise, reveals how the Beatitudes are more than poetic verses at the start of Jesus’ “Sermon on the Mount.” The Beatitudes, he writes, present the very essence of Jesus’ ministry, establish the overall tone of Jesus’ teaching ministry and reveal His most deeply held values.

As Stanford unpacks the daily wisdom of the Beatitudes, JourneyWise readers will discover how to:
– Find meaning in each step along the path of life
– Be transformed by the journey as a whole
– Align your values to reflect the life of Jesus
– Have Jesus Himself as your life companion, tapping into His wisdom Intertwine your own story intimately with Jesus and his followers – Be transformed in day-to-day living
– Love Jesus and love like Jesus along the way

“The steps and stops along the way can settle in and shape us as Jesus participates in the journey with us,” Shane Stanford explains. “This bond defines a life that is not just ‘lived well,’ but a life that my grandmother would have called ‘JourneyWise.’ A type of wisdom gleaned from each step along the way so that we are faithfully formed by the journey as a whole.”

Christians can access JourneyWise discipleship resources across a variety of platforms. The ministry recently launched two podcasts: The JourneyWise Podcast with co-hosts Shane Stanford and Dr. RonnieKent, and The Choosing Cheer Podcast hosted by Nicolet Bell. A third podcast will launch summer 2023; the You Matter Podcast will be an interview-based show hosted by Shane Stanford. In 2024, JourneyWise will publish a year-long video curriculum designed for church-wide use. JourneyWise has also partnered with United Theological Seminary, Asbury Seminary, and World Methodist Evangelism, to create a library of topical articles at www.JourneyWise.Network.

JourneyWise creates multimedia discipleship resources across numerous platforms and is led by Dr. Shane Stanford, President/CEO of the Moore-West Center for Applied Theology. JourneyWise was founded by sisters Betty Moore and Carole West, daughters of Kemmons Wilson (founder of Holiday Inn), along with their husbands, Jack Moore (former Chair and CEO of Regions Bank) and Dr. Bill West (world renowned oncologist; founder of the West Cancer Center in Memphis, TN).

Whitaker House is part of Whitaker Corporation, which also includes Anchor Distributors, Whitaker House Español, and Word Alive, its Canadian distribution division. A Christian, family-owned business established in 1970, Whitaker Corp. is dedicated to proclaiming the power of the gospel and ministering to the spiritual needs of people around the world. IG: @WhitakerHouse

About Shane Stanford:
Dr. Shane Stanford (MA, Duke University; DMin, Asbury Theological Seminary) is President/CEO of The Moore-West Center for Applied Theology and JourneyWise. Stanford served as a pastor and church planter for more than thirty years, most recently as Senior Pastor of a 5,000+ member church in Memphis, TN. Dr. Stanford is the author of several books, including JourneyWise, The Seven Next Words of Christ, The Cure for the Chronic Life, and The Eight Blessings: Rediscovering the Beatitudes. Shane Stanford’s memoir, A Positive Life, details his experiences as an HIV+ and HepC+ hemophiliac, husband, father, and pastor. He is the co-host of the Covenant Bible Study program, now used in more than 1,000 churches. Shane Stanford is married to Dr. Pokey Stanford, and they have three adult daughters and two sons-in-law. www.JourneyWise.Network IG: @DrShaneStanford


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